Welcome to the Beach

If you and your family and friends are looking for a fun and relaxing day on the beach, then Sand Dunes Beach Services has got you covered.

We rent cabanas, umbrellas and lounge chairs at public accesses in Madeira Beach and St. Pete Beach.  St. Pete Beach was recently voted America’s No. 1 beach in 2012 by tripadvisor.com.  Our beach equipment affords everyone maximum comfort and efficiency.  Our chairs can be easily moved in and out of our cabanas and umbrellas to allow for the perfect combination of sun and shade.  If you want to be located near the water so you can keep an eye on your children, our operators can stake an umbrella and two chairs conveniently near the water.  If you are looking for more privacy or protection from the winds, we can seat you and your family and friends in our cabanas set to the center and rear of our beaches.  Our beach operators are dedicated professionals available at all times on the beach to assist and guide you with any needs you may have.

Our beach locations were specifically designed with visitor comfort in mind.  They include conveniently located restroom facilities, outdoor freshwater showers and parking lots easily accessed by cars and within a short walking distance to the beach.

Welcome to The Beach!   

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